The Gift of Nature Connection

From our friends at Trackers Earth

Trackers Earth award-winning summer camps have something for everyone. Whether you’re a:

  • Ranger, stealthing through the forest, tracking animals, and learning the art of archery;
  • Or a Mariner, navigating our waterways, and fishing and foraging on the river’s shores;
  • Or perhaps you’re a Wilder, tending to the homestead, and caring for the animals and plants;
  • Or an Artisan, telling the story that connects us to the more-than-human world, practicing traditional crafts like blacksmithing, and engaging in epic role play;

There’s a Trackers camp for you!

Campers ages 4 – Grade 12 build real skills through fun themes like Archery, Blacksmithing, Wilderness Survival, Stealth, Ninja, Paintball, Ceramics, Woodworking, Rock Climbing, Role Play Quests & more! Plus, overnight camps for Grades 4-12 teach wilderness adventure, team building, and outdoor leadership.

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• 8 locations in Portland & Vancouver
• Convenient early drop-off starts at 7:30 am
• Affordable after camp until 6:00 pm

Choose Your Camp. Choose Your Adventure.

No matter what camp you and your kiddo choose, Trackers camps will foster a deeper sense of connection. Amidst technology and an on-the-go lifestyle, it can be tough for everyone to slow down. But slowing down is how kids learn to really pay attention and create meaningful relationships. One of the great things kids develop at Trackers camps is a connection and ongoing stewardship of the natural world.

Connection is why Trackers teaches kids about wild plants, animal tracks, and bird songs—because it gives them the all-too-rare opportunity to expand their kinship with nature. Relationships are the foundation of community and empathy. In introducing kids to the busy lives of our non-human neighbors, Trackers educators work to build nature connection. In getting to know the more-than-human world, kids learn to be a part of nature, not just a visitor.

Sign up for one of Trackers summer camps, where kids develop this connection: to nature, to themselves, to the community, and to generations to proceed and follow our own.

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