Top 5 Spots to See Free Portland Art Exhibits With Kids

Portland’s dedication to public art extends beyond outdoor sculptures and vivid murals on the sides of buildings. Add this list of indoor spaces to view art (for free!) to your rainy-day activity arsenal!

The Portland Building

Courtesy of the Regional Arts & Culture Council

The Installation Space on the second floor of The Portland Building is a small gallery space with rotating installations from local artists. Pro tip: Check out the lobby and other floors; the building houses many more works including the mural We’ve Been Here by Kayin Talton Davis with Cleo Davis and the wood-and-glass installation by Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis. 420 SW Main St.

Portland State University

Courtesy of Faig Ahmed Studio

While you are in downtown Portland, swing by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at Portland State University. Exhibits showing through April 29 include Weaving Data — an artistic dive into the complex relationship between weaving and computing (pictured above), and the Arlene Schnitzer Visual Arts prizewinners. 1855 SW Broadway St. 


The Oregon Convention Center

Courtesy of the Oregon Convention Center

The Oregon Convention Center’s public art collection is worth more than $2 million. Follow the map for a walking tour. (Available in the lobby or online.) Your kids might get giggly that there’s even art in the restrooms!

The Lobby in the Ellen Browning Building

Courtesy of The Lobby

The Earth Laughs, a diverse exhibit featuring oil paintings, books, sculpture, ceramics and an interactive digital art show Flower and People — a Whole Year Per Hour, is on display at The Lobby in the Ellen Browning Building. Flower and People from teamLab, a collective of digitally savvy artists, mathematicians and more, explores the evolution of a flower. The presentation is created by a computer program that continuously creates the work in real time — and responds to viewer interaction. 2871 SE Division St.

The Portland Art Museum

Courtesy of the Portland Art Museum

While kids 17 and younger are always free at Portland Art Museum, the monthly Miller Family Free Day means free admission for the whole family. In addition to strolling through visiting exhibits, your kids will get some hands-on art time with visiting artists and other bonus activities. Reserve your spot for Sunday, April 23!

Love these? Visit the new The Patricia Reser Arts Center in Beaverton, which features an art gallery that is free to the public with rotating exhibits.

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