Why Can’t I Get Pregnant Again?

Have you been trying for another child for more than a year and have yet to see that magic line on a pregnancy test? Here’s what a local infertility expert recommends.

Wanted: Mom Friends

File under the things no one told you about being a mom: Finding new friends is hard. But many moms are building their village with the help of websites and apps. Among the litany of indignities in the transfer of parenting knowledge, little is said about what might be one of the most difficult parts …

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Live Your Best Halloween

Take our quiz, try a craft, brush up on your trick-or-treat manners, and find out where to party in your costume. QUIZ Think you’re Martha Stewart meets Morticia Addams? Is your personal Zion the Big Lots holiday clearance section on November 1? Do you start baking pumpkin-shaped cookies within minutes of witnessing the first red leaf fall …

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Be A Sport

The definitive guide to getting started with a youth sports league in PDX.

Moms Who Blog

  Many local mom bloggers are not only gaining followers in a national climate of declining readership, but are actually still able to make a living and support their families through blogging. When Southeast Portland resident and mom Alicia Paulson started her blog Posie Gets Cozy, an illustrated paean to crafting and wholesome living, there …

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