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Are you looking for fun activities for your child this summer? ☀️ Join these exciting tech camps designed by Google and Stanford experts, and have fun at Create & Learn! 

  • ???? Learn coding in Scratch, Minecraft, Python, and state of the art technologies such as AI, Robotics, Data Science and more.
  • ????‍???? Join live classes with no more than 4 students per class. Receive personalized attention.
  • ????‍???? Led by experienced computer science teachers that teach all year round (not college students doing summer jobs).
  • ???? 10+ classes to choose from for grades 2 – 9. 5+ classes are being added.
  • ???? Flexible schedule – choose from daily, twice weekly, or weekly schedules. Each class is an hour long, so your child will not get glued in front of the computer for hours at a time
  • ???? Try for free! Free introductory sessions are offered on a number of subjects.
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Founded in 2017 by tech experts who graduated from Stanford University and worked at Google and Apple, Create & Learn has been focusing  on small group online classes for k12 students since day 1. We are the first of such dedicated online tech programs in the US. Unlike other online camps that rushed together a couple of months ago, all of our curriculum, teaching, and teacher training are optimized for online learning and have been continuously improved for several years. Try it out! You will experience the differences as well. 

To celebrate our third year of running the online coding camps, you will receive a 50% discount for all online camps for a limited time ($129 $64.5 for 4 sessions – hour long class for 4 days in a row!)

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At Create & Learn, we have taught thousands of students around the world. Here are some samples of what parents say about our program.

“The content is fantastic. My son could never have learned it elsewhere.”

—– Engineer @ Google

“What you teach is pioneering.”

—– Machine Learning Researcher @ Apple

Still not sure if it is a good fit? We offer a number of free introduction classes so you can experience it first before committing.  

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Last but not the least, joining our community is more than just taking classes. We also offer a variety of activities for free – such as Open Classes with Tech Experts and Online Coding Fairs so your children are inspired to explore more. 

Summer will fly by! Join us today for your child to experience the fun in learning & creating!

Learn More & Sign Up Jessie Jiang

Founder & CEO of Create & Learn 

Former Google Director, Stanford MBA, UCLA CS Phd

“As a caring parent, you know the importance of Computer Science education already.

The challenge is how to help your child start learning?

This was the same question I asked several years ago when my daughter first started. What I found was very disappointing.

Even right in the center of Silicon Valley, most schools teach very little computer science. While there are many after-school programs and camps for coding, after attending a bunch of top rated (and most expensive) ones, I found the quality seriously lacking.

Here are several of the biggest gaps:

  • Classes focus almost entirely on coding as opposed to computer science principles.
  • There is no learning of state of art technologies with broad impacts, such as AI.
  • Lack of transparency on the learning process. While students show off fancy projects, much of them were just from copy and paste.

Does this sound like what you have experienced?

The root cause of all of these is that most places equate coding to computer science. You heard it right, coding is NOT the same as computer science. In fact, coding is just a small part of computer science, and it is not even the most important part of computer science for young students to master.

But why is that? There are several reasons. I will tell you more in the next email. In the meantime, you might still be wondering even if it is just for learning coding, how do you tell if a camp/after-school program is good. For that, check out our blog on 4 Simple Ways to Tell if Your Kid’s Coding Class Will Work as Advertised.

Here’s to all of our kids having fun, learning and flourishing! If you would like to get a taste of what a first-tier program looks like, sign up for a free class today!

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