Get hands on with family creativity

Get crafty with your kids, with these fun creative and arts projects to try at home.

Paper-mache for Halloween & Día de los Muertos

By Julz Nally / October 27, 2019

Get creative with paper-mache for Halloween and Día de los Muertos.

Hands On: Be a Worm Watcher!

By Eve Hansen / August 11, 2019

Construct a quick-and-easy “earthworm hotel” and dig into the mysteries of the worm kingdom. By Eve Hansen and Amy Bigej Worms can be squiggly and a little icky to us humans, but they are fascinating creatures that do a lot of important work. Those wiggly little guys are a major part of our ecosystem, constantly […]

Hands On: No-Sew Tote Bag

By Amber Gauntlett / April 1, 2019

Upcycle a favorite tee into a stylish, no-sew tote bag — just in time for farmers’ market season!

Hands On: Melt with You

By Denise Castañon / January 30, 2019

Add a little heat to transform all those broken bits of crayon into mini-masterpieces.  The amount of broken crayons rolling around my house (and, I’m guessing, yours) is staggering. Wanting a way to put them to good use, I recently started playing around with melting crayon shavings onto paper. My daughter, who loves an art […]

Hands On: Nature-inspired Ornaments

By Julz Nally / December 20, 2018

Nature is full of so much magic. There are endless possibilities for exploring in nature and discovering the creativity within yourself and your kids. Take a walk outside, collect some branches and twigs, and then come together to create beautiful decorations. Materials Twigs (3 to 5 twigs per ornament) Floral wire Scissors Acrylic paint Paintbrush […]

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