DIY Snow Dough

Create a winter wonderland, even in the rain, with DIY snow dough from the folks behind Yellow Scope science kits.

DIY Snow Globes

This fun winter craft from Yellow Scope science kits also demonstrates a scientific concept to your kids.

Hands On: Science Experiments

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This winter break, turn your kitchen into a makeshift science lab with these fun (and only mildly messy) experiments from Mad Science Portland.   Kids are natural scientists — they are always engaging in informal science experiments by asking questions about things and then testing their hypotheses. Expanding the idea of science from something you …

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Hands On: Be a Worm Watcher!

Eve Hansen is the Event Manager at Al’s Garden & Home. She loves playing in the dirt with her own little one and can’t wait to plant her edible garden every year.
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Construct a quick-and-easy “earthworm hotel” and dig into the mysteries of the worm kingdom. By Eve Hansen and Amy Bigej Worms can be squiggly and a little icky to us humans, but they are fascinating creatures that do a lot of important work. Those wiggly little guys are a major part of our ecosystem, constantly …

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Hands On: Melt with You

PDX Parent's editor Denise Castañon loves sharing new ideas with other Portland parents. You can find her cooking, eating, crafting and writing in Southeast where she lives with her husband, 5-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter.
Denise Castañon

Add a little heat to transform all those broken bits of crayon into mini-masterpieces.  The amount of broken crayons rolling around my house (and, I’m guessing, yours) is staggering. Wanting a way to put them to good use, I recently started playing around with melting crayon shavings onto paper. My daughter, who loves an art …

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Hands On: Nature-inspired Ornaments

Julz Nally is an artist/illustrator and children’s art teacher in Portland. She loves creating, rainbows and finding simple beauty in everyday. Her work can be found on Burgerville’s kids meal seed packets or at You can follow along with her day-to- day life on Instagram @julznally.
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Nature is full of so much magic. There are endless possibilities for exploring in nature and discovering the creativity within yourself and your kids. Take a walk outside, collect some branches and twigs, and then come together to create beautiful decorations. Materials Twigs (3 to 5 twigs per ornament) Floral wire Scissors Acrylic paint Paintbrush …

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Kids DIY Wind Chime

Owner at Smartypants
Amber Gauntlett is the owner of Smartypants kids' art space in North Portland. She finds her joy in encouraging children to immerse themselves in the process and play of creating art.
Amber Gauntlett
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Make summer memories with a dazzling DIY wind chime that will add some sparkle to any porch. By rummaging through your garage, kitchen junk drawer or craft cabinet, you are sure to find the perfect random materials. Consider old keys, metal hardware, rusty silverware or broken jewelry. Then add in some beautiful glass beads for …

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I Spy

Taking time for observational art pays off.

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