Learning At Home: Lessons from Homeschoolers

Here are some lessons from long-time homeschoolers about school-at-home education.

Preschools with Space

Check out our list of preschools with spaces available for fall.

Private School Guide

Learn about your educational options in the Portland area.

Two Things You Need to Know to Make a Plan for Day Care or School This Fall

Consider your options and your priorities when deciding on your educational options this fall.

What to Expect in Fall 2020

FACT Oregon shares some points to consider for the school year, particularly if you have a student with an IEP.

What to Know as Day Cares Reopen

Yay, day cares are opening! But … is it OK to start sending our kids back?

Featured School of the Week: A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences

A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences strives to create for each child a sustainable, generative, robust learning environment.

How’s Homeschooling Going?

A snapshot of what online instruction looks like for Portland parents.

Essential Worker Child Care Directory

Local providers who are registered to provide emergency child care and currently have openings.

Featured School of the Week: Village Preschool of Portland

Teachers and parents collaborate in a safe and engaging space where children can explore, create and become their most authentic selves.

Fun Civics and Geography Apps for Kids

Civics education — understanding the fundamental underpinnings of our democracy — is vitally important now more than ever.

10 Tips for Choosing an Elementary School in Portland

The choice is a big one. Here are some questions to think about to help you decide which school to choose.

Featured School of the the Week: Lark Academy

This is high school redesigned.

The State of Oregon’s Preschools

All preschools aren’t created alike. We dig into why, and learn how parents can improve early-education opportunities for their communities.

The Mental Impact of School Lockdown Drills

Lockdown drills have become the norm in our nation’s schools. But how can we protect kids from a potential active shooter event without traumatizing them in the process?

Featured School of the Week: Tucker Maxon School

Partner Content

Tucker Maxon School is one of Portland’s best options for an outstanding independent Preschool to 5th grade education.



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