Featured School of the Week: Village Preschool of Portland

Teachers and parents collaborate in a safe and engaging space where children can explore, create and become their most authentic selves.

Fun Civics and Geography Apps for Kids

Civics education — understanding the fundamental underpinnings of our democracy — is vitally important now more than ever.

10 Tips for Choosing an Elementary School in Portland

The choice is a big one. Here are some questions to think about to help you decide which school to choose.

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Featured School of the the Week: Lark Academy

This is high school redesigned.

The State of Oregon’s Preschools

All preschools aren’t created alike. We dig into why, and learn how parents can improve early-education opportunities for their communities.

The Mental Impact of School Lockdown Drills

Lockdown drills have become the norm in our nation’s schools. But how can we protect kids from a potential active shooter event without traumatizing them in the process?

Featured School of the Week: Tucker Maxon School

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Tucker Maxon School is one of Portland’s best options for an outstanding independent Preschool to 5th grade education.

Lottery Lowdown

The ins and outs of the Portland public school lottery system, and what it means for your family.

Featured School of the Week: Portland Village School

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Portland Village School (PVS) is a public Waldorf school of choice in the Portland Public School District, serving ~400 students in grades K-8.

Experience Belonging at Cedarwood Waldorf School

Cedarwood isn’t just a school. It’s a place for the whole family to learn and grow and connect with community.

Kindergarten Readiness

Deciding whether or not to hold back a child from starting kindergarten is a hot topic in online parenting groups. We talk to early education experts to get their take on the most important signs of kindergarten readiness.

Featured School of the Week: Cathedral School

For 7 years and counting, Cathedral School has maintained the prestigious designation as one of only two schools in the state of Oregon to be recognized by Apple as an Apple Distinguished School.

Education Guide

Find schools, childcare, after-school activities and enrichment programs in our 2019-2020 Education Guide.

After-School Guide

Check out our guide of fun and enriching after-school programs.

Parent Child Preschools Organization: Play is Back

Let Parent Child Preschools Organization connect your child to a school that nurtures their developing brain!

Featured School of the Week: Tucker Maxon School

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Founded in 1947, Tucker Maxon is a school “Where Every Child has a Voice.”



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