Portland Overnight Camps: Is Your Kid Ready?

For many kids, camp is the highlight of summer break, and well-deserved peace and quiet for parents. Here’s how to know whether your child — and let’s be honest, you, too — is ready for the next step in their summertime adventures: Overnight camp.

Portland Summer Camps Lite

If you have a kiddo who is looking to dip their toe into the world of summer camps (or if they only have the bandwidth for a few hours), there are several organizations around the Portland area offering half-day camps.

Beyond the Blues: Youth Mental Health

Youth mental health concerns are at an all-time high, an aftereffect of COVID. But local support is out there. Here’s how to help your child navigate their mental well-being. 

Kids’ Book Picks on Friendship

Love comes in all different forms. Encourage your kiddo to appreciate the joys of BFFs with these four, fun reads on friendship picked by the children’s book buyers at Powell’s.

Kids Rate Portland’s Hottest Food Trends

For our food and dining issue, we sample some of Portland’s hottest food trends that shore up our status as a top food and dining destination — with our opinionated kids in tow. And we’ve also got some tips to help your kids broaden their palates to enjoy all the dining treasures Portland has to offer.

Road Trip Ideas: PNW Magic

It’s time for some new adventures! Reconnect with the best of the Northwest with a summer road trip to the central Oregon Coast, or Seattle and Mount Rainier.  

Back the Blazers

Even if you only watch one game this season, your kids will be talking about it all year long.

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