How Postpartum Doulas Support Families

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By Krystle Gard, a postpartum doula with Bridgetown Baby Why is Meghan Markle hiding for 40 days? Being a first time parent is hard, now add living in the spotlight and it is a whole other level of scrutiny. And yet once again, Meghan Markle is pushing the boundaries of her royal position by laying …

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Five Hot Spots for Pre-Walkers at the Oregon Zoo

Natalie is a thirty-something morning person who laughs hard and often. She calls the Pacific Ocean "home," but resides in Portland’s West Hills with her husband and three kids. With a light heart and serious intentions, she explores all that life has to offer at

Being out and about with a babe is anything but tame. They’re lively and curious, which often appears messy and sounds loud. Enter the Oregon Zoo! Because what better place is there for a youngster to be himself than in the company of wild animals?! My preschool and elementary-aged kids love to roam and play …

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A Solid Start

Portland parents dish on how they introduce their babies to the joys of solid foods.

PDX Baby Resource Guide – 2017-2018

Every parent needs a helping hand now and then – whether it’s support with breastfeeding, childcare resources, guidance on parenting, or perhaps family health. You’ll find all that and more in these listings.


Inside the campaign to boost immunization rates for babies and kids in the Portland area.

Moms Who Blog

Kat Merck is a freelance writer and editor who admittedly spends way too much time online. A Portland resident since 2006, she also enjoys reading, cooking and exploring the city with her husband and young son.
Kat Merck
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  Many local mom bloggers are not only gaining followers in a national climate of declining readership, but are actually still able to make a living and support their families through blogging. When Southeast Portland resident and mom Alicia Paulson started her blog Posie Gets Cozy, an illustrated paean to crafting and wholesome living, there …

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